About us

Who We Are

The purpose of Abasi People Movement (Abasians) is to collaboratively work together for the emancipation of our people and land both in Nigeria & globally.

We the Abasians as the 4th largest nationality in Nigeria, are committed to an equitable sustainable development by preparing, preserving, protecting, projecting and promoting our collective interest.

We are indigenous to the contiguous land and water from Biase and Akamkpa in the north to Ikot Abasi, Eastern Obolo, Ibeno, Mbo and Bakassi in the South and from Ukanafun, Ikot Ekpene, Ikono and Ini in the West, to Akpabuyo in the East.

We are a peace loving and very hospitable Africans with rich culture and natural resources. Our shared identity, vision, mission, structure, strategies and operational framework are outlined herein.

Our Approach

Our Vision
We see united Abasians in Nigeria and globally leading equitable sustainable development for our people and land.
Our Mission
To mobilize Abasi People in Nigeria and Diaspora for collective self-emancipation from both internal and external marginalization and exploitation for equitable sustainable development.
Our Shared Identity

1. One Supreme God (Akwa Abasi eyong mme isong ye si iyohore ke esit – Almighty God of the heavens and earth with everything therein)

2. One People (Ndito Abasi or Abasians)

3. One Language (with 7 major dialects)

4. Contiguous land and water in South Eastern-most part of Nigeria

5. Rich in natural resources (petroleum, arable land, water and mineral resources)

6. Marginalized, exploited and divided into 1.3 States, 4 Senatorial Districts, 13 Federal Constituencies and 38 LGAs in the contemporary Nigeria

7. Existing international infrastructure for tourism and global commerce (airports, seaports, stadiums, roadways, hospitals, universities, electricity production, etc.)

8. Leaders of the COR state movement in the Eyo Ita, Udo Udoma, Ibanga Akpabio days

9. Lessons from Ibibio Union vs. 4th Largest Nationality in Nigeria where our language was recognized and respected globally

10. Need for unity, for emancipation from internal and external marginalization towards equitable sustainable development in Nigeria and globally.

Our Structure

1. Incorporated Trustees of Abasi People Foundation (APF) with representatives from our 7 Dialect Families at Home and Diaspora (Annang, Efik, Ekid, Ekoi, Ibibio, Obolo and Oro)

2. Steering Group with 4 Executive Operational Teams

3. Secretariat – Unlimited number of professionals working behind the scenes to accomplish the vision and mission of the movement

4. Global Congress – (Shared Governance Parliament) with 10 Specialized Committees

5. 7 Regional Coordinators to mobilize and administer the movement across our 38 LGAs and 5 DRAs

6. 38 LGAs to organize Wards and Villages Chapters

7. 5 DRAs (Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Middle East) to organize Chapters in specific countries abroad.

8. 5 Special Constituencies (Grassroots, Esop Ndito Abasi Worldwide – Telegram Group for now; Esop Iban, Patrons, Elders and Youth Councils) to mobilize resources

Our Operating Strategy

Our Strategies:

1. Relationship building vs. separatism and militancy

2. Online grassroots mobilization vs. monied people management

3. Nationalistic vs. State Centric

4. Self-help vs. dependency

5. Technological leverage for at least 2 million Abasians online in 2 years.