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APF Charter of Demands

by Web DesignerJanuary 17, 2023

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State of Abasi People Nationality Movement Address

by Abasi PeopleApril 22, 2022

Fellow Ndito Abasi (Abasians); Brothers and Sisters; Ladies and Gentlemen: I greet you with the greatest name ke eyong ye...

Abasi People Foundation’s President, Dr. Victor Udo, Appeals for Members to Support in Funding the Organization to Help Girl-Children in the Area

by Abasi PeopleMarch 24, 2022

The purpose of this Group is to join hands with Abasi People Foundation (APF) in the campaign to provide free...

Dr I. Umoette Shares on Why Young Females of School Age in Abasi Should Receive Menstrual Pads or Cups for Free

by Abasi PeopleMarch 24, 2022

I once saw a young girl in the clinic with a case of foul odour and discharge from her privates....

Abasi Girl-Child Emancipation – Provision of Sanitary Items and Education to One of the Most Marginalized Communities Among Us

by Abasi PeopleMarch 24, 2022

Abasi People Foundation donates sanitary items and provides education to support and help girl-children in the area. I had this...