Girl-Child Emancipation

Funding the Organization to Help Girl-Children in the Area

The purpose of this Group is to join hands with Abasi People Foundation (APF) in the campaign to provide free Sanitary Care Items vs Condoms to the less economically advantaged girl child in Abasi Nation.

When you read the two stories forwarded below, you will be touched to do something. We can reach out to NGOs, philanthropists, manufacturers and others to make a difference by collecting and distributing items to the appropriate Girl-Child for free.

Going forward; Dr. Udongwo and the Co-Admins will provide leadership of the Group based on their background and passion. Thank you very much in anticipation of your contributions.

Victor Udo, PhD
CEO, Abasi People Foundation.

Featuring: Day Akwa Ibomites in the United States of America, USA, and Europe under the umbrella of Abasi People Foundation, APF joined other members of the organization to communities in Eastern Obolo for a Sensitisation on Abasi Girl-Child Emancipation, Tagged ‘End Period Poverty.

During the visit, the team donated sanitary pads to the Women of Iko town and Edonwik community in Eastern Obolo Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, recently. Watch out for details…

PICTURES: Provision of Sanitary Items and Education to the Abasi Community

Why Young Females of School Age in Abasi Should Receive Menstrual Pads or Cups for Free

I once saw a young girl in the clinic with a case of foul odour and discharge from her privates.

Her wards were concerned she might have contracted a sexually transmitted infection but it turned out not to be so.

She was still a virgin in Secondary school from the history taken.

Abdominal examination showed no tenderness(pain on touch) so a VE was conducted for her which revealed a ball of cotton wool stuck inside her which had turned brown and was smelling of dead flesh.

It turned out that because she had no access to sanitary pads; she had improvised by using old cloth, tissue or cotton wool for her monthly flows.

This particular insert broke off in the process of removal and the resulting retained piece gave rise to her unpleasant signs and symptoms.

On irrigation and a course of vitamin c and antibiotics, she was fine when seen again.

However, many others have not been so lucky. They go on to develop PID (pelvic inflammatory disease) and a resulting cascade of inflammation that leads to a matting of the organs of reproduction and infertility. Secondary infection could get into the bloodstream, resulting in organ failure and death.

And it would be called ‘village people’ not knowing it was the consequence of a young girl trying to mop up her monthly flow with what was available to her.

It should indeed be rolled out as a national policy that young females of school age receive menstrual pads or cups for free.

If the poorest of the poor are entitled to N5,000 monthly to help them cope.
Surely, this vulnerable demographic of our population deserve to be helped and not exposed to possible infection, infertility or death over an involuntary bodily process.

© Dr I. Umoette

Why Support Abasi-Girl Child Emancipation

I had this encounter on Friday afternoon and as much as I’ve tried to get it off my chest, I can’t.

I made a dash to buy something at NEPA Line in the afternoon, around 13:30.

A young girl from Four Towns Secondary School (Uyo residents know the school) approached me just by the entrance of the street.

She politely asked me to please help her but a pack of sanitary pad. She didn’t ask for money to buy. She just wanted the pad.

According to her, she’s been menstruating for 2 days and she couldn’t afford to buy a sanitary pad.

She made to show me her skirt and I noticed blood stains already. I was embarrassed.

I quickly led her to a shop along Abak road and bought 2 packs of Virony Sanitary pad for her. A pack costs 1,300 naira only.

She thanked me and left.

On Facebook here, I’ve had a few requests from ladies too asking for help to buy sanitary pad. They don’t need the money. Buy and send for them. The pad is all they want.

That experience on Friday dawned on me that there are young girls especially, out there who are struggling with their menstruation because they can’t afford to buy sanitary pad. No help whatsoever.

If condoms are given out free, sanitary pads should also be given out for free. One can chose to have sex or not. Menstruation is compulsory except you have a health challenge or you’re pregnant. You don’t chose to menstruate or not, as a lady.

On this note, I’m hoping to start a campaign to raise funds to buy sanitary pads for distribution to female students of Comprehensive Community Secondary School, Four Towns along Abak road, Uyo.

I don’t have an exact plan to go actualize this but I’m hoping with your support and a few volunteers, we can do this successfully.

If you’re willing to help in this project, please send me a message and we’ll discuss ways you can.

Thank you and God bless you

Kufre Carter