Abasi Girl-Child Emancipation – Provision of Sanitary Items and Education to One of the Most Marginalized Communities Among Us

Abasi People Foundation donates sanitary items and provides education to support and help girl-children in the area.

I had this encounter on Friday afternoon and as much as I’ve tried to get it off my chest, I can’t.

I made a dash to buy something at NEPA Line in the afternoon, around 13:30.

A young girl from Four Towns Secondary School (Uyo residents know the school) approached me just by the entrance of the street.

She politely asked me to please help her but a pack of sanitary pad. She didn’t ask for money to buy. She just wanted the pad.

According to her, she’s been menstruating for 2 days and she couldn’t afford to buy a sanitary pad.

She made to show me her skirt and I noticed blood stains already. I was embarrassed.

I quickly led her to a shop along Abak road and bought 2 packs of Virony Sanitary pad for her. A pack costs 1,300 naira only.

She thanked me and left.

On Facebook here, I’ve had a few requests from ladies too asking for help to buy sanitary pad. They don’t need the money. Buy and send for them. The pad is all they want.

That experience on Friday dawned on me that there are young girls especially, out there who are struggling with their menstruation because they can’t afford to buy sanitary pad. No help whatsoever.

If condoms are given out free, sanitary pads should also be given out for free. One can chose to have sex or not. Menstruation is compulsory except you have a health challenge or you’re pregnant. You don’t chose to menstruate or not, as a lady.

On this note, I’m hoping to start a campaign to raise funds to buy sanitary pads for distribution to female students of Comprehensive Community Secondary School, Four Towns along Abak road, Uyo.

I don’t have an exact plan to go actualize this but I’m hoping with your support and a few volunteers, we can do this successfully.

If you’re willing to help in this project, please send me a message and we’ll discuss ways you can.

Thank you and God bless you

Kufre Carter

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